At the beginning of 2015 we have commenced operation of our new production facilities in the wine village of Hnanice near Znojmo.

  • Exclusively HOMAG technology
  • Beamsaw
  • Edging with state-of-the-art AirTec technology
  • CNC processing including the edge banding unit
  • CNC drilling and dowel machine
  • Corpus press, assembly, packaging

Wide range of services

  • kitchen and bathroom furniture production
  • made-to-measure production of interiors
  • production of semifinished products
  • atypical dimensions
  • atypical decors

Druhy výroby

Air tec

The requirements for the final look and design in the furniture industry keep climbing. At the same time, high focus is also placed on its quality and reliability. Substituting the edge gluing process with welding of laser edges from company REHAU create a whole new standard in the field.


AUKANTEX laser edges are multifunctional edges for use with the Laser, Hot-Air, plasma and infrared NIR module technologies.


  • Connection without gaps: permanently functional joint of the board with the edge without a disruptive break
  • Single piece look: joining of the board and edge without any visible marks means there is no glue gap
  • No degradation (browning) of the joint between board and edge in time means an optically stable look, because the firmness of the functional layer is the same as that of the edge


  • Long-term stable connection of board and edge
  • High resistance against moisture, heat and water vapors
  • Hygienic safety - there is no space for bacteria to strive in the area of the joint

Legacy technology for board edging - gluing.
State of the art technology for board edging - welding.